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How Babies Know Their Mother’s Voice or Face ?

We all know that babies, toddler and children really enjoy the mother’s voice.

But why is that? What’s the main reason?

Even before they are born, the babies already can recognize the mother voice in the womb. Fetus and unborn babies can listen and feel inside the belly of the mom. Being with the mother for 9 months during pregnancy makes the baby understand that her voice is important.

Most of the time, the children will recognize the mother voice even if it’s not close or loud enough.

We all know somebody that tried to play music on the belly of a mother during pregnancy to relax the baby.

If you are a new mom, you should never be afraid that your baby will not recognize you. He knows already what you sound like and your smells. Maternity should be really important for both of the parents to make sure that the little infant gets everything he needs.

” My daughter is now 8 months old. She without a doubt knows I’m his mom! She is so attached to me it is unbelievable. ” – Laura.

What about the baby’s visions?

The vision of a baby takes few weeks to be really good. When a baby is born, he only sees clearly about 8 to 12 inches in front of him.

The baby vision will continue to improve for about a year.

Source : Infant visual development – Wikipedia