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Summary of all our articles on Gentle Name

We made a list easy to consult to see exactly all the pages available on our website. Each pages has a small description and the link to the page.

We increase our pages as often as possible and try to give you the best possible content. Whether for baby names or for naming other objects or things, we are the reference in the field.

Home page

  • This is the home page of our website, it is from this page that you will be able to use the name generator engine and can choose several names according to the features you have chosen.

51 Best Baby Shower Themes & Gift Ideas With Images

  • One of the most complete lists for activities to do for “Baby Shower”. Themes, popular gifts, things to bring for eat and how to invite the list of people you want to see at your Baby Shower.
  • This page contains several images for well illustrated thematic.

6 Types of Baby Clothes Every New Mom Should Own

  • All kind of clothes you should get if you plan to be parents.
  • Being a mom or dad is probably one of the most wonderful things in this world.
  • Obviously, it depends on what country and the temperature it does.
  • Some Nordic countries will have to buy several other types of clothing.

7 Reasons to Let Your Kids Choose Their Own Clothes

  • The different reasons to let your children choose their clothes.
  • It has a lot of advantages to do this but I advise you to read the article for more information.

Baby on the Way? 21 Tips to Save Money Quickly

  • Do you plan to have a baby at home? We have the best tips and tricks to save a lot of money for several months before the child arrives.
  • We also advise other things later when the children is born.

Best Breastfeeding Tips: Advice, Pumping & Nutrition

  • A very popular subject with new mothers. Breastfeeding is a subject that does not know how to evolve.
  • Things to avoid, tips on drinking coffee or alcohol and all other topics related to breastfeeding.

Contact Us

  • A simple page to be able to contact us quickly by the Internet site. You can also write us an email at the following address: [email protected]

Cute And Unique Baby Girl Names

  • The most common or rare names for little girls. The name list continues to grow and the parents of the world do not know to discover personal names or even to revive certain names.
  • The list is very complete I strongly advise you to read it if you intend to have a little daughter.

Find the Perfect Name for your baby

  • Finding a perfect name is not a simple thing. This page has several tips to make your job easier.


  • This is the page of all forums available on Gentle Name. Several languages ​​are available and a lot of subtopics too. Come chat with us!


  • A page on all the pictures we have received from parents or that we present to you in our articles about babies, small children or even teenagers.

Great Kids Toys Development 0 to 6 Years Old

  • This articles will enlighten you on things to know when we have a new child. The development of this child is fast and it is necessary to know the phases that a child can have.

How can parents and teachers best educate young children?

  • What is the best way to educate are child? We talk at length about what parents and teachers should do and what to do when we are surrounded by one or more children.

How to Choose the Best Bed Designed for your Baby or Toddler

  • All you need to know when choosing a bed for baby or small child. The governments now are very strict about the regulations.

How to raise a happy baby with good habits (birth to 24 months)

  • This article suggests several things you can do to make your newborn happiest. Children always need to be stimulated.
  • Often the 2nd or 3rd child is always mentally faster than the others.
  • Being always learning the world and emotions helps a lot in the development of children.

List of the most popular names of the Television 2019

  • Television has always influenced the popular names that parents give to their child.
  • We talk about it at length in this article and we offer you a complete list of the most popular names for girls and boys.

Make Your Own Cosmetic and Beauty Products at Home

  • Doing it’s own cosmetics at home is very beneficial for your skin and your wallet. The benefits are very large when you want to embark on this mission. An excellent item for anyone who uses beauty products

Names Meaning And Origins

  • The origin of the names always interested people. Know exactly where our name comes from or what popular character it comes from.
  • Thousands of years ago, the human being is on the earth and the names have changed a lot since then.
  • We have created a term and origin list for it’s name.

Newborn Tips and Tricks New Moms Need to Know

  • One of the most complete articles on our website. Everything to know about newborns and small children.
  • Sub topics like teeth, talking or even how your child can understand you even if he does not speak yet.
  • I strongly advise you to read this article because it is extremely well done and complete.

Secret Information and Tips for Photographing Babies

  • Anyone can become an amateur photographer or even a professional photographer. We have a list of things to do for you to have the best angles or pictures of your baby.
  • Our cell phones are very efficient and we have a photo quality very acceptable. Good reading!

Simple Toddler Activities to Try at Home

  • A long list of things and activities to do with your toddler.

Sleep and Relaxing Music

  • The most popular music to fall asleep or simply to relax your child. Music, animations and other things to make sleep or relax your baby.

Special And Unique Boy Names

  • The masculine names are very complex and interesting.
  • The most popular name now on earth is Mohamed, but in America the most popular names are very different.
  • We made a very complete list on the names of little boy.

The 10 tips for choosing the name of a little baby girl

  • The best tips for choosing the name of a little girl. To please both parents is often too complicated.
  • This articles will enlighten you on this choice to make for your little girl to come.

The list of the best car seats for children in 2019

  • The baby benches in the car are extremely important. Security standards are constantly evolving in industrialized countries.
  • The safety of our children is very important. We also advise you the best benches in terms of safety and price.

Top Name of the Week

  • The most popular names of the week according to our Canadian sources. We add lists for each week.

What’s new on the best baby name generator

  • All there is new on our website. Articles, topics or even comments. We write different things and topics that we want to do on our Gentle Name platform.

Why Toys R Us Is Closing All Their Stores?

  • Why the giant Toys R Us did not succeed in this world? We explain the effect of consumption and e-commerce that reduces the prices of all items available in our countries.


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