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Get the lowdown on a large number of infant names directly here, including implications, birthplaces, namesakes, and big name babies who offer a similar name.

The implications of all names can point to an individual quality like be gentle, an element of nature or may identify with an increasingly otherworldly quality, for example, kindness or strength. The rundowns here compose newborn names with comparable implications for you. You can begin with the importance and locate the correct name, or start with a name you adore and investigate different names with a similar significance.

To help you settle on the a large number of choices out there, Gentle Name looked through online databases and name word references for picks with noteworthiness. These are only a couple of our top choices. Make sure to check this page for more update.

AbelleFemaleFranceFeminine form of Norman French Acelin, meaning “little noble one”. The name Aceline is a French Baby Names. The meaning of the name Aceline is: noble.
AcelineFemaleFranceFrench form of Spanish Abella, meaning “bee”. As a girls’ name has its root in Hebrew, and Abelle means “breath, vapour”. Abelle is an alternate form of Abelia (Hebrew): French feminine respelling of Abel.
AdélaïdeFemaleFranceFrench form of Old High German Adalhaid, meaning “noble sort”. Adelaide is the English form of a Germanic given name, from the Old High German Adalheidis, The meaning of the name is “noble natured”.
JulieFemaleUnited StatesJulie is a famous Latin first name which initially originates from the Latin Julia which could mean young, delicate haired, lovely or vivacious. It is the female type of Julius, and can be a pet type of Julia, or Juliette.
JadeFemaleSpainJade alludes to a decorative mineral, for the most part known for its green assortments.
ChloéFemaleGreekSignifying “sprouting” or “fruitfulness” in Greek. The word khlóē, which was one of the numerous names of the goddess Demeter, alludes to the youthful, green foliage or shoots of plants in spring.
EmmaFemaleEnglandInitially a short type of Germanic names that started with the component ermen signifying “entire” or “widespread”. It was acquainted with England by Emma of Normandy, who was the spouse both of King Ethelred II and later of King Canute. It was additionally borne by an eleventh century Austrian holy person, who is some of the time called Hemma.
AbnerMaleGreekBoth a surname and a given name. In the United States, it was decently well known as a given name, yet declined in the principal half of the twentieth century, once in a while being utilized for babies after the 1900s. The best known is Abner from the Bible
AdaliusMaleGermanSignifying Respectable or Noble. Adalius is frequently added to records like Athletic Baby Names.
AerinMaleEnglandDerived from the name Érinn, the dative instance of Érie, which is the Irish name for Ireland. It isn’t ordinarily presented as a given name in Ireland.
MorganMaleScotlandMorgan name is a relative of Old Welsh Morcant, perhaps got from “mor”, signifying Ocean and Hover, with the signifying “ocean boss” or “ocean protector”.
AlaricMaleGermanAlaric is a manly Germanic given name that broken into its parts implies Ala “everyone” and ric “ruler”.
AlephMaleHebrewThe meaning of Aleph is “Leader”. For the first letter of the alphabet.
AmiasMaleFranceThe meaning of the name Amias is : from the Old French name got from Latin “amatus”, which means adored. Being used since in any event the twelfth century.
ArjanMalePunjabiThe meaning of Arjan is: the archer or archer. Arjan is a mixed character who has numerous strings to his bow.

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