how to entertain my toddler at home

Simple Toddler Activities to Try at Home

What can i do with my kids in the house?

There are certain simple toddler activities that can be performed perfectly at home both by parents and friends as well. Many of these toddler activities are and will remain enjoyable even when the toddlers are admitted in the pre-schools.

Parents should consider all these activities as they help greatly in keeping the toddlers busy in homes. However, parents must leave their toddlers alone with all the activities as they have shorter span of attention and usually returns to perform the same activity multiple times in a single day.

Although, if the toddlers are not interested in all such activities then parents must save all of them for the time when they will grew older. Some of the most common and simple activities that parents must try with their toddlers at home comprises of the following:

  • State the name of toddler with a simple tape-resist name art activity
  • Find a cookie cutter along with some amount of paint and then invite the toddler to stamp the paint marks on a piece of paper
  • Develop a pouring station which is full of fun for the toddlers as toddlers of modern time loves to pour
  • Whip up small amount of the flour paint along with the ingredients that are available in kitchen
  • The refrigerator can also be used as a big magnetic board. Make customized magnets that can be stuck and removed on the fridge without damaging the original color of the fridge
  • Look for someone who can sew occasionally and then demand empty thread spool from them as this can be played as stamping with spools which is greatly liked by the toddlers

1. Tips to Make Toddler Activities Easier

Playtimes can now be made much easier if parents follow the stated toddler activities that are very much simple and easy even to be practiced at homes. Some of the parents believe that keeping the toddlers busy is very much difficult because the activities that toddlers performs in their ages are quite difficult to be found.

Toddlers are simply the kids between 12 to 36 months which in the beginning starts to walk and in the end of the period gets to grasp the knowledge from their surroundings. According to the parents, this age group of their children is most complex as in this age period toddlers usually put almost all the things that they can found directly in their mouths.

Toddlers also face difficulties in founding greater amount of fun in the activities that desire to perform because of their short span of attention. Many of the past studies suggests that the most basic and simple kinds of toddler activities are also best for them as well as for their parents.

Generally, there are four tips for the parents that should be considered by them if they really want to make the toddler activities easier.

  • Parents should never plan the activities intentionally as they will not work as per their plans especially with the age group of toddlers.
  • Make plans for toddlers to put things in their mouths only if you have mouthers.
  • Let the toddlers discover things by themselves that you have given them.
  • Parents should expect that toddlers must be interested with all the activities and believe that they will come back to perform the same activity after some time.

DIY to do at home with children

2. How do I entertain my toddler at home?

Due to shorter span of attention and endless energy toddlers require plenty of entertainment from their parents. A problems is that toddlers easily get distracted hence some practices can be highly beneficial for both parents and toddlers as it allows to make shifts in activities through the whole day.

This action resist toddlers from getting bored of performing the same activity for greater period of time.

2.1.                 Play With Toys

Parents need to take out some of their toddler’s toys and start playing with them with loud noises. All such activities will make the toddlers busy for some time. In this way, toddlers can be entertained at homes.

2.2.                 Feed Them Snacks

Along with their rapid pace of hunger, toddlers also get bored very quickly. So to tackle with this situation, snacks can contribute greatly in fulfilling their hunger and keeping them occupied for some time. Additionally, finding to point out cheerios helps majorly in their fine motor development.

2.3.                 Use the Strollers and Take Them for a Walk

Occasionally toddlers are seated in the strollers which are then buckled just to make sure that toddlers cannot run from one place to another. This preserves them from creating destruction in places like parks, restaurants, etc.

Toddlers might sit on the strollers without any hesitation if they found some of the things outside a bit disturbing. In this manner, toddlers will be able to experience all the beautiful things in their surroundings which will also assist in enhancing their exposure.

great things to do indoor with toddler

3. Sensory Activities

There are numerous benefits of sensory activities performed by toddlers as they help in brain development and are essentially important for progressive growth of toddlers. Toddlers of all the age range can take advantage of the sensory activities.

Apart from brain development, sensory activities also assist in nurturing the thinking and other skills. All such activities help in relieving the stress of toddlers in their earlier ages. All the sensory activities are quite simple to set up and usually needs some of the common items that can be found in almost all the households.

Although a potential fact is that some of the sensory activities becomes quite messy when parents try to limit the playing space for their toddlers however the mess caused by all such sensory activities can be restricted to some extent.

There are certain sensory activities that must be played by the toddlers for their cognitive development. These ideas for sensory activities can be played during the holidays or even after toddler’s school activities. All the sensory activities are classified according to the five senses as this will be quite easy for the readers to understand.

3.1.                 Sensory Activities for Touch

  • Texture balloon sensory activity
  • Fluffy slime
  • Jungle slime
  • Frozen dinosaur eggs

3.2.                 Sensory Activities for Sight

  • Rainbow chickpeas
  • Fizzy cloud dough
  • Mermaid fabric sensory board
  • Exploring magnet sensory activity

3.3.                 Sensory Activities for Smell

  • Rosemary rice sensory tub
  • Scented rainbow sensory science
  • Scented snowflake soup sensory activity
  • Lavender sensory activity

3.4.                 Sensory Activities for Sound

  • Exploring sound treasure basket
  • Different obstacle courses like Don’t ring the bell
  • Rainstick sensory bottle

3.5.                 Sensory Activity for Taste

  • Edible finger paint
  • Stuck in the mud activity
  • Hot chocolate cloud dough

activities and things to do at home with kids

4. Art and Craft

Now parents can prolong the attention span and creativity range of their toddlers by using some of the exclusively tested crafting ideas. From sticker littering to gun painting, there are numerous ideas stated below that can entertain and keep the toddlers busy throughout the day.

4.1.                 Paper Plate Animals

Toddlers can use paints and then finger paint the paper plates. Then they can add paper faces and limbs to the painted plates to construct their own paper painted zoos. Paper plates in this activity serves as a painting canvas for toddlers which enables them to portray all of their creativity through paper plate painting.

4.2.                 Letter of the Week

Using letters for arts and crafts can increase the entertainment of toddlers in their homes. Some of the paper letters that parents usually cut can be used by toddlers for decorating the spirit of different words. To make such letters, there are multiple tutorials that parents must review to foster the arts and crafts of their toddlers.

4.3.                 Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies

Nicely painted and sectioned rolls of toilet papers can be used as wings for a multicolor butterfly pipe cleaner. Toddlers will be greatly entertained while seeking for the right designs and patterns for the wings of their butterfly. However, they will be required some assistance during the process of gluing the bugs with one another.

4.4.                 Sticker Name Activity

The sticker name activities results in the construction of practice letters which further comprises of pre-written names and dot stickers. Toddlers greatly enjoy the practice of making these beautiful art. This activity is also helpful for the parents as its application doesn’t not results in creating mess in their house.

4.5.                Print these drawings and draw them

We found a wonderful website that offers hundreds of drawings for the little ones. You only needs to print them and let the inspiration of your little one to develop his talent with brush and pens. The name is Nurie-world and the website is in many languages.

Play with your kids, keep him entertain

5. Free Play Material Exploration

Exploration of different materials for toddlers under the supervision of their parents or guardians is greatly important for their social, emotional and physical development. This enables the toddlers to learn new things about this world and are exposed to the happenings of today’s modern world. The cognitive development of toddlers starts to gain pace when they ask questions from their parents about the things they observe in their surroundings. Material exploration also helps the toddlers in enhancing their motor skills. Toddlers keep on trying different motor skills until they are able to perform those activities with perfection.

Performing all such motor skills also boosts the competence and confidence of toddlers and then they start to think that they can do most of those new things. Moreover, free play material exploration can be done both inside and outside the house.

5.1.                 Ideas for Exploring Inside

  • Parents can make some of the low-lying cabinets as exploration shelves from which toddlers can pull out some of the stacked things and also can shake them. Although the things must be free from all the dangers and parents should monitor those things on regular intervals.
  • In age ranges of toddlers, they learn to identify themselves in the mirrors and pictures. Parents should place a mirror that must be made according to the exact height of kids and then let them find out how they look like in the mirror. Similarly, parents can also use old photo albums and then ask the toddlers to recognize the family members from the pictures. In this way, toddlers will be able to recognize themselves as well as their family members.

5.2.                 Ideas for Exploring Outside

  • Parents must encourage their kids to feel the rock and trees and then collect bugs so that they are able to examine the nature they are exposed to.
  • Parents must let their toddlers to kick and throw the playing balls as this helps in improving their observation and reflexes.

6. Other Activities to do indoor

The creativity of kids begins from their stage of toddlers. Parents must encourage their toddlers to explore the things that are beneficial for them in future and ignore things that are dangerous for them. In this case, the role of attention span of toddlers is unavoidable.

Thus parents must try to engage their toddlers in activities that can enhance their cognitive and physical development just by staying and playing at home. Most of the activities can be done by younger and older toddlers together however parents must be aware of the abilities of their toddlers.

There are vast range of developing abilities found in the age group of toddlers. Parents confirm the fact that each of their children displays different strengths in their various age groups. Some of the other toddler activities includes the following:

  • Color matching with cars
  • Cotton ball activity
  • Foam crayon color sorting
  • Make customized bean bags
  • Color sorting bags
  • Exploring phenomena of sinking and floating
  • Face to face interaction
  • Teach colors
  • Different bath time activities
  • Number paths for learning to count
  • Mess-free paintings
  • Stick balls

Things to do for going back to childhood with your kids

7. Return to Childhood

Parents must possess good patience if they really want to enhance the cognitive and physical development of their toddlers. This is because toddlers don’t understand the things initially if parents try to illustrate some of the things in their own style.

For this purpose, parents are required to act like kids and must return to their childhood to improve their interaction with their toddlers. In this way, parents are able to understand the shorter attention span and learning abilities of their toddler.

Similarly, when parents return to their childhood phase, toddlers learn the lessons taught by their parents more quickly as they are now able to relate the actions of their parents with themselves. Therefore, it can be stated that parents must understand the behavior of toddlers and should also act like toddlers to correspond with their toddlers in an efficient manner.

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