About us

We tried to make life of parents an easier task.

We knows that choosing a name for a baby can be a difficult process. It is even more if you want to choose a name from another country.
We made this website to make this process easier with the biggest name database from Canada. My friends from china asked me few times for advice how to name their baby. 
This is where came my idea to create this website, to share my knowledge with you. Go to our Facebook page to share a picture of you and your little star.
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Mylene C.

Get the lowdown on a huge number of child names directly from Gentle Name. Including big name babies who offer a similar name. Are you not certain where to begin when you have a newborn? We have many articles about parenting and pregnancy here and on our other platform INeedMedic.com . Our full gathering of child young lady names and infant kid names now, or look at some child name articles and counsel that will help get you enlivened.

We are proud of our Gentle Name website. We are constantly working on the submission of our services and our baby name database. Every day is constantly crowded that we first put on paper before designing the best for our consumer.