The list of the best car seats for children in 2019

Looking for the best seats for your child, but do not know where to start? No problem, we have designed a list of the safest and easiest installation car seats. To choose the best for your child or baby, it has to measure as weight and size.

In general, all child car seats are safe because governments have put in place some standard for these items. Some models are more practical than others, lighter or even more comfortable for the child.

Of course, the child seats on the walk have all passed the government security tests because otherwise it would not be on our shelves at the store. They all comply with safety standards. Some seats move forward or backward.

We tested several car seats and based on several criteria. Comfort, ease of installation, quality of materials and price. Our tests are like any parent would use these benches with their child.

Child seats are usually designed for maximum weight, eg shells are often designed for a weight limit of 22 to 27 pounds for newborn seats. It is very important to read the little manufacturer’s manual when getting a baby car seat.

Children’s seat range from $ 100 to $ 400 usually. The price has nothing to do with safety, but with the design or comfort for the child. Some seats are equipped with gadget or extra padding for example. There are several models of swivel chairs, we will offer you a list.

There are two categories of seats

Category 1: Shells

To reassure, all sales baby car seats need to be very safe for children and governments make sure of that. It only remains to choose the one that will best suit your needs.

We started to test the first category of seat, baby carriers, otherwise called “shell”. Generally these toddler car seat are designed for babies and young children under 4 years.

Most of the time, these types of baby seats are very popular with new parents because they are extremely practical. The child can be placed in the shell even before leaving the house, dressed and then installed in the car effortlessly.

The benefit of using a shell is that your baby can stay asleep even if you move it, many studies show that we should not wake a child too often for its development.

There are certain types of shells that can be installed in a stroller, but most of the time you have to pay a larger sum for this additional option. Some children’s seat designer sells their twin shells with a stroller.

I advise you to look at this option because often it is appreciated by the portfolios.

Another benefit is that you can change the car baby seat without problems, you will only have to buy another seat base for the other car. In this way, you can carry your child without too much headache.

Category 2: Convertible Seats

When your child grows up, it goes without saying that the car bank will not be adapted to him indefinitely. It is recommended to observe the information on the bench when your child is growing up.

This type of seat comes with or without backrest, often they are used with the belt in three or five points. It is very easy to move or adjust this type of car seat or change the car easily.

Some bench is much heavier than others, it must be part of your criteria of choice. The padding, the tilt of the baby car seat, the settings are also important factor. Some car seat has a cover, which is sometimes difficult to remove.

When is it time to change seats for your child?

When one of the 23 data is exceeded, it is absolutely necessary to change seats for your child. The 2 data are the weight and the size of the child. Even if the bench is advised for a lower age, one should always refer to carving and weight of the child, tan it corresponds to the limits of the seat.

there’s some exception to this rule.

If you had a collision or car accident and the seat was in the car, you must change the seat and get rid of the old one.

If the newborn car seat has been recalled by the government or manufacturer.

All benches for children are designed with an expiry date. Make sure you look at this date if you buy a bench used or new. It’s common to see sales of child seats with a date overtaking.

Laws for child seats

Since April 2019, the law in Canada requires that all children under 145cm or under 9 years of age must be seated in a child seat.

The infant car seat advise according to our tests in 2019:

Chicco Key Fit 30 baby seat

Graco SnugRide baby seat

Evenflo Pivot Hybrid seat

Always read the manufacturer’s instruction manuals

It is very important to take note of all the information in the manual because generally there is little information very useful or for the safety of your child.

Never underestimate reading are manual because it includes several crucial information such as the weight and size of the child, details on the installation and angle of the bench. How the belt should be tightened and other important information.

It is advisable to inquire before buying a child’s car seat, there are several phases at the child’s bench and sometimes there is some bench for 2 phase for your child.

The car seat for baby or children will be the protector of your little one, I advise you to choose it carefully.

When you receive your seat for your child, we strongly advise you to try it immediately in your car without removing the labels. You must make sure that it will be well suited to your car or truck. You must ensure the safety of your child more than any other.

Last reminder by Transport Canada:

Manufacturer: Bébécar – Easymaxi XL – Separating the carrying handle 2019-03-27

Manufacturer: Clek Inc. – Clek Oobr Booster Seats – Non-compliance with Flammability Requirements 2018-08-31

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