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How to Choose the Best Bed Designed for your Baby or Toddler

We are regularly asked this question. There are hundreds of different types of cribs, but how do you get there?

We can get a bed in the shops, on the internet or second hands. But how do we know if it’s the one we need? It is also necessary that the price of the bed is in your budget. There are a multitude of bed ranges more comfortable or prettier. A crib needs to be adapted to the age and size of your child.

We tested several cribs and we made you a list of the best choices. Of course, we tried to test as much as possible. Some are more useful than others, some are more comfortable. We will enlighten you on this topic so popular for new parents.

The safety of baby beds

Some beds or cribs do not comply with the regulations of our countries, that’s why the beds made “home” can be considered dangerous. Certain standards must be respected for the safety of your child. Anyone who sells these unsafe beds in Canada commits a criminal act punishable by law.

It is not recommended to take the bed or cradle of your grandmother for example, because over the years the safety standards have evolved greatly. All parents must observe the toddler bed to make sure there are no splinters or dangerous parts in the crib. All screws must be tight to make sure everything is safe. If your child’s bed appears to have a weakness or a sign of damage, it should be thrown away or destroyed.

There are several models of beds that have been recalled due to security problem. It is advisable to look at this list if you get a used baby crib. In Canada, a federal law prohibits the purchase of beds with one side that can be lowered since December 29, 2016. These beds are considered dangerous for newborns and toddlers even if they are very practical.

The measures for a baby bed

The bed should be adjusted to the size of the child. The spacing between the bars must not exceed six centimeters so that the baby’s head can not pass. Some cradles are specially designed to reproduce confinement during pregnancy. The baby feels safer when it is cramped and in a comfortable place. Unfortunately, there is no ideal bed, but we can do everything we can to make your child feel good about it. Bed rails are available for all sizes of beds. You can easily get bed rails for queen bed as well.

It is also important that the crib or bed is adapted to your lifestyle, if you move a lot with your child, for example, or do not sleep often in the same place.

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The 4 types of beds for young children

They are small and must be changed quickly enough, because the baby grows up fast. In general, it is changed to about 4 or 6 months. There is some model that is placed on the floor or on one foot.

Some can stick to your bed safely, they are named Side-car. This greatly facilitates breastfeeding for your baby. Never place a cradle on a sofa, table or other unstable place.

There’s new model now available, the suspended cradles are attached to the ceiling. Care must be taken to properly secure the cradle to the ceiling properly, as this can lead to serious repercussions for the child. Leave this task to a professional if you are unsure of yourself.

There is a lot of standard for safety on children and baby beds. Conventional beds have several positions generally available, 1, 2 or even 3 positions. We change the position of the bed when the child is growing up. Most of the time the toddler’s bed will be in a high position so that parents can take the child easily, to change diapers or to feed them.

We change the position of the crib when the child is able to sit. It is very important to put nothing in the crib that the child has put aside his sleeping bag. No cushion, blanket, and toys.

The mattress should be comfortable, firm and fitted to the size of the classic bed so that the child can not fall or get hurt. The fitted sheet must be perfectly stretched on the mattress at all times.

This type of bed is primarily designed when the baby is not sleeping at home. It is absolutely not necessary to add another mattress in an umbrella bed, because the mattresses in a travel cot are not designed for this purpose.

Mobiles (games suspended)

Some children are too stimulated by some mobile games. Sometimes it is advisable not to put suspended play if the child does not fall asleep quickly. It will depend on your child if he is easily distracted. It is not recommended that the mobile toy be too colorful or brightly colored. It must be ensured that the mobile is well-positioned above the child’s head.

Rules in general for beds and cribs

Always make sure you fit the cribs and read the instruction manuals designed for this purpose. The new bed must also be observed if there are weaknesses or breaks.

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The temperature in the baby’s room

The baby’s room should not be too hot or too cold. A room with a temperature between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius is ideal. Pay attention to second-hand smoke, your baby’s lungs are very fragile so anyone who smokes should not smoke in the same house or apartment.

Many parents advise that babies should sleep in the parents ‘room for at least the first 6 months in the crib and never in the parents’ bed.

Lack of sleep

The number one cause of a doctor’s visit for toddlers and babies is sleep problems. A child with a bad sleep can be very harmful for him, in addition to being more turbulent for the parents.

The conclusion

Whether you choose a bed at the best prices or the most luxurious in the store, all the beds sold in the big chain stores are very safe. It only remains to choose the one you like the most. Every person is different and wants the best for their little child.


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