best toys for young kids development 0 to 6 years old

Great Kids Toys Development 0 to 6 Years Old

Great Infant Toddler Toys Development

There exist some most common and traditional toys such as puzzles and blocks which helps in the cognitive development of toddlers. Although all such kinds of toys that parents receive as a gift when their babies are born becomes quite babyish when toddlers start playing with them.

Now parents can make the playtime of their babies more entertaining and educational by using some of the toys that enhances the brain development of toddlers at a very young age. Toys like blocks and puzzles help the toddlers during their development in different ways.

However, it is still quite tricky for parents to select the right toys for their toddlers as they are usually unaware of the fact that if their toddlers are going to like those toys or not.

Occasionally, there are toys that are labelled as educational but in reality they aren’t. on the other hand, there are toys which are not that much educational but still helps in providing greater learning opportunities for the toddlers.

If parents really want to know what kinds of toys are liked by their toddlers, they must observe the behaviour of toddlers about how they see and latches on different toys.

Additionally, parents should also consider the fact that what the toys are that helps in educating the children and then they must look for similar toys. In this way, parents will be able to strike the preferences of their toddlers and will be able to buy toys that help in the development of their toddlers.

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1. Developmental Benefits

Past studies suggest that the development of toddlers in their early ages depends on the activities they perform and games they play. Although, parents must make sure that their kids have sufficient time for their activities as this is highly beneficial for the families as it enables the toddlers to expose their talents.

This helps the kids in discovering many facts about them like what the activities they can perform well and gives extra ideas about their skills and abilities during their age range as toddlers. During their earlier years, toddlers experience many of the things happening in their surroundings and learn greatly from their environment.

This is the reason to which many experts suggest that good and healthy environment affects the development of toddlers in their early ages.

Toddlers can learn many new skills just by playing with some of the most educational toys. The skills that toddlers can develop during their play time with the educational toys comprises of:

  • Learning the art of team work while playing with their friends and parents. This involves some of the most basic yet important skills like conflict resolution, compromise and sharing.
  • Enhancing their imagination and creativity
  • Being problem solvers and learning the cause and effect relationship among various things
  • Development of strong cognitive and physical skills
  • Exploring their self-esteem and independence

All these things portray that toddlers can learn from their educational toys as soon as they are one month old. Hence parents should provide their toddlers all the educational toys that are necessary for their development and growth so that they can excel in all their fields of life in future.

2. Go by Age

It is essential for parents to purchase age-appropriate toys for their children throughout the span of their lives as kids discover new skills and portray various interests during various ranges of development.

Looking for toys that go by age means that parents should always buy those toys that are associated with the age, interest and skills learn by their kids during that stage of life. It is also necessary to ensure that children aren’t exposed to toys that are too small for them especially in their young age as this could result in problems of serious choking dangers.

2.1 Newborns to Six Months

Toys used in this stage of life are focused on the main senses like sound, sight and touch. Toys of this age are easy to handle, colourful, noisy and nicely textured. The toys that go by age during this stage include bouncer seats, teethers, sleep toys and rattles.

2.2 Six to Twelve Months

A baby whose age ranges between 6 and 12 months can be engaged by actions like babbling, rolling, pulling, laughing, sitting, crawling and might be near to a situation where he or she is ready to take their first steps.

Toys that goes by age during this life stage include the toys with cause and effect relationship that are occasionally operated by batteries which then can be activated by just pushing a single button.

2.3 One to Three Years of Age

Toddlers during this age range are energetic and motivated to discover things in their surroundings. They prefer all types of physical activities such as pushing, knocking down, filling, pulling, lugging and emptying.

Toddlers are always very much curious to investigate almost everything they came across in their environment. This stage of life is to most productive and optimal stage for humans to learn and grow.

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3. Infant Toy Suggestions

The process of finding great toys for infants can sometimes be harder than expected. To look for the right toys for infants usually becomes a complicated thing as parents forgets to consider the fact that the toys they are purchasing must go by the age of their infants and must match their interests.

Similarly shopping for infants is far more different and complex than shopping for a 10 month or one year old. This is because the baby in this age range is so much sensitive that if any wrong toy which is smaller gets into the hands of them, then this might result in serious choking hazards. Following are some of the suggestion for choosing the right toys for infants:

  • Toys with higher educational elements and play life just to ensure that infants can get the most benefit from them.

  • Have variety in collection of toys so that infants don’t get bored by playing with the same toy

  • Toys that comprise greater play value so that they can get attention of the infants

  • Toys that have remarkable reviews from multiple sources

Following are some of the key suggestions of toys for infants:

  • Terry bath mitts
  • Nido car seat cover
  • VTech sits to stand learning walker
  • Grow with me pony
  • Fruit basket set
  • Bath toys
  • Water wheels activity plays table
  • Custom memory game
  • Whisper ride II
  • Spin again toys
  • Flyer wagon
  • Nesting stacker
  • Learn and groove musical table
  • Toy bin
  • Floatie
  • Top tote bag
  • Cool calm press

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4. Toddler Toy Suggestion

Toys are undoubtedly the most important thing in the early age development of toddlers. The only activity that toddlers perform throughout their day is to play and that too with toys.

Although parents are not required to buy almost all the toys available in the market but they do need to seek for those toys which are interesting for their toddlers. Furthermore, one thing that must be clear during this topic is that all the toys made in this world don’t fulfill the same purpose, however, they do provide fun to the toddlers.

In this content, some of the toys are made with the focus of enhancing the knowledge and abilities of toddlers while some are designed to just keep the toddlers busy. Broadly, there are two classifications of toys including ready to play toys and open-ended toys.

Ready to play toys are those that requires batteries to brighten the surroundings with colourful lights and making different kinds of noises. This kind of toys are used by the toddlers for entertainment purpose as these toys sing for them, talk to them and can only be used for just one purpose for which that toys are made.

On the other hand, open-ended toys are those toys that enables the toddlers to become the entertainer and play with them the way they feel is the most entertaining for them. Some of the toy suggestions for toddlers are as under:

  • Small animals
  • Lego
  • Doll house
  • Puzzles
  • Alphabet toys
  • Play tools
  • Tea set
  • Doctor’s kit

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5. Kids Toy Suggestion

Educational toys keep the kids engaged with them for a longer period of time which then increase the opportunities of learning for kids. The impact of such educational toys that lasts longer than that of the other common toy that is only centred towards entertainment.

All such kinds of educational toys help the kids in improving skills particularly in reading, science and math. Parents should prefer the educational toys as they emerge the love for learning for the most significant behaviour in building kids smarter and sharper.

Sometimes one of the educational toys can also trigger the passion of kids in their lives. Following are some of the key suggestion of kid’s toys that are also composed of the educational elements. As children of different ages have different interests and preferences for toys so the below stated toys are only valuable for kids.

5.1 Genius Kit for iPad

This toy consists of a base of iPads, pieces of game play, and storage vessels convert the iPad into an on hand tools especially for learning.

5.2 My First Magic Set

There is no doubt that kids like magic and this particular set teaches them new ways to perform magic tricks along with the explanation of the art of illusions. Additionally, this game is also helpful as it boosts the confidence of kids and enhance their discipline and social skills.

5.3 Magnetic Block Building Set

This particular set of block building is different from the traditional block set as this set is connected with magnets. The magnets in this block building set offers kids a wide variety of different patterns of piece combination. Hence this toy is a complete package of fun and entertainment.

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6. Best DIY Toys to Make at Home With Your Children

Diy toys, also known as “Do It Yourself” toys, are the most popular things for parents as these toys allow the parents to make with and for their kids. All these Diy toys are not only exciting but they also improve the designing abilities of both parents and kids.

Nowadays, most of the parents as well as their kids are obsessed with these diy toys that can be made at home with ease. The reason for the popularity of these Diy toys is that these activities foster creativity of parents and kids.

By developing a Diy toy, kids cannot only get entertained from it but also get exposure of different designs. Similarly the problem-solving abilities of kids get enhanced during the process of diy toys completion.

Diy toys also promotes the educational element in kids as these activities are usually based on the rules of science which includes key factors like energy, gravity and inertia. Hence when kids ask for a new toy from their parents, they should encourage their kids in making customized toys for themselves.

The greatest advantage of diy toys is that the final outcome of these toys are accepted by the kids as they are made according to their own preferences. Following are some of the most common examples of diy toys:

  • Zappy zoomers
  • Paper helicopters
  • Tyvek kite
  • Tiny dancers
  • Paper tops
  • Perler beads tops
  • Kinetic carousal
  • Spin-finite tops
  • Constellation geoboards
  • Flextangles
  • Mosaic magnets
  • Tetrific
  • Wire sculptures
  • Doodle cubes
  • Paper building blocks
  • Tin can stilts
  • Bubble Wrap rugs
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7. Safety and Children’s Toys

Toys are essential for the development of kids in their early ages. However, there are many cases in the emergency of hospitals where kids are seriously injured while playing with all these toys.

The most common case is that of choking where the kids of age 3 or younger used to put small toys in their mouths which then becomes quite a serious issue. Following are some of the important guidelines that parents must follow while purchasing toys for their kids just to ensure their safety.

  • If you buy stuffed toys, they must be washable
  • The art materials of toys must be nontoxic
  • If you buy paints or crayons then they must be approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

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