Baby on the way tips for saving money

Baby on the Way? 21 Tips to Save Money Quickly

Saving is a crucial thing, and when after having babies it’s more like a tough task, but it is also as important as having a baby. There comes the new sweet members of the family, most loved, pampered and cherished in the house.

Babies’ smile is sufficient to forget all your miseries at the office and all the workload you have in the house. But apart from his/her charming smile with attractive lips, there are also a lot of things that need to be tackled along with planning or having a baby. The budgeting, finance also affordability. A chart or a structure to this will help you in further planning of a baby in a very organized manner. 

So, we will be revolving around three main objectives, maybe you have guessed it too. We will be talking about financial stability with managing budget and how to afford several things.

“It is a smile of a baby that makes life worth living.”

Debasish Mridha

Best way to save money before baby

Ways to Save Money When You Have a Baby

Undoubtedly, it’s hard to save your savings when you had a baby. But eventually not a difficult task too. After planning, if you had a baby in your arms, there’s no more beautiful sentiment than this. You can still save money when you have a baby. Hey, but how? Let’s see,

Having a baby is not a difficult task, but purchasing things for your child could be. You have to cut down on the things you don’t want to have urgently. You can have them either in the next coming years likewise.

If you think you need to buy all those baby items like cot, cabinet, chairs or all the furniture for their room, this situation can stick you for long. You can spend a huge big amount on it without not even think for a second. So stop! Make sure you purchase that furniture that has the benefit of holding two benefits at once.

You can have the one who could provide all those things together. Like three in one cot bed, chairs or cribs

  • Don’t spend too much if it’s getting to be useless 

Most people spent a good amount on the materials that will merely be used in the future or either the stuff they bought is too expensive. The things get less used and get wasted for the whole year. 

For instance, buying baby clothes in advance. Such a pattern should be neglected if focusing on cutting down the budgets.

  • Understanding the taste of your child

Knowing which tastes suits your toddler and could help you to snip out unusual things from your wardrobe. Like bottles, they differ from each other in taste. Also, the milk, make sure you don’t buy big milk bottles from different brand in huge quantity. They are very expensive and could cut you in finance. The one recommended and suits on your infant, get that. 

  • Trying coupons or offers   

Visiting baby websites purchasing all in one bundle (diapers, wipes, and some baby accessories) could serve you to save a good cost. This way you bring more eligible items in one bundle. 

How to Prepare for a New Baby on a Budget

Learning from your first child year, how much amount have you saved? Making a chart of those can benefit you to put forward new ideas for the infant in a more budgeting way. Preparing a newborn is not less than a challenge, but how to win the show is what matters the most. After you have decided to have a child, your next step should be arranging the budget. 

Save 3200$ in 9 months

Tips for preparing a baby on budget

Form your saving plan 

Preparing a draft on yearly basis from last till coming years. This is most beneficial, will affect your choices in what to buy or not

Utilize your insurance maternity plan  

Prenatal care is a very basic step and also really important for becoming mothers. If you are from the USA, every state in the United States provides health insurance for pregnancy, labor, delivery, and newborn baby care became mandatory in 2014 under the Affordable Care Act.

Use a second-hand option 

Looking for baby’s crib, cot or furniture. Most of the brands are expensive in the choices of baby’s product especially in furniture. There’s no shame in buying second-hand products for trimming your resources

Side project 

These side gigs or side projects improve to make a good amount of money. The money that can sum up for your baby’s milk bottles, diapers, or small grocery items. Also a great cause of earning good payments. 

What about home birth

If you have a low risk or no risk factor, home birthing can be a safe and secure option. It can save a good amount of money for you. Again recommending your doctor is necessary, also allowing him to let that happened. 

Setting up an account 

Saving accounts are well designed to preserve you a good amount. By setting a bank account and allowing specific bits of saving every month during pregnancy. At the end of the delivery day, you’ll be holding a satisfactory figure. It’s less strained with more progress 

Determine if you can, in fact, live off the money that will be coming in or if you need to find a way to bring in more

second-hand furniture for your baby

Increasing a source of income 

Never always rely on one source of income especially when the time is to get more. Dividing yourself and earning at home could be a great option for money coming your way. Before pregnancy, rely on other sources. Other side business or any freelancing job. 

Save money on minor things 

 If you are a coffee lover or a foodie who loves to spend much on them. You need to reduce down those. Spending on food from outside, lunches in the office or coffee they all make a good product yearly. And for a normal pregnancy, it takes approx. 9 months for delivery. So, in short, you can gather the money that was going out of your hands.

Ask for help

Asking for help could be a great experience also for the ones coming in your life. Asking for help, people will be sharing their experiences with touching different genres of interest. You’ll see most of them will be pitching you good ideas they wanted to do when they were expecting the baby. The ideas for attracting more money and trimming less budget. 

Gifts for you ( Baby Shower! )

People are crazy about giving gifts to their loved ones, that’s how the process goes on. Most of the gifts are deliberately given on baby shower (if you had the one) or after the baby is born. The gifts are for the newbie that can save you from buying more products

“A baby is as pure as an angel and as fresh as a blooming flower.”

Debasish Mridha

Be realistic about what you actually need for baby

If you plan

Most of the parents indulge themselves in the chaos of ‘what to do now’ either they lack money or proper guidance of what to buy. These all stages are very common in any parenthood, of course, this will be changing their lives. But things are not messed much if you plan, I repeat if you plan. Plan what to buy and what not to. Most things the novices will be using will be applicable for three to five months and gradually you’ll see him growing, and those clothes won’t be fitting him/her anymore. 

Chaos world 

Don’t confuse in choices between crib or cot or glider or baby chair. There will be two options the one which is the necessity and others will be just your choices. For instance, the medical aids including nebulizer, thermometer or petroleum jelly are the necessary products that can be used for the toddler to grow can be brought.  

prepare yourself on a tight budget for baby

Saving on Baby Outfits 

Countries that have different seasons are observed to have different outlets. The baby garments have a good range of variety of dresses. This helps them to bring the best in them. But more or less you have to see outgoing weather. For instance, if its winter, you can have a cardigan, sweaters and all those thick material. There’s no need to buy the summer material fabric. Be relevant to your needs. 

Gears for the younger 

Choosing which gears to buy could be a difficult duty. However also one of the most essential too. For most of the parents, it’s the car seat that matters because of traveling, and for some its baby carrier. You need to choose the one you need the most in your daily routine. 

Take full advantage of freebie offers and samples

Before pregnancy, during or after pregnancy there would be items you’ll be getting offers for. Unquestionable those will be having their worth. Coupons, offers or free samples are the one that helps you to have maximize. Freebie also includes clothes, accessories, shoes, goodies and many more.  Getting samples are the best way of giving reviews to the brand. Additionally great for you as if ever you were linked with the brand. It makes easier for you to prioritize the brand in the future. It’s easy to get a freebie, how? Fill the survey form or you can create a baby registry.

  1. Baby box
  2. Diaper sample
  3. Gifts goodies
  4. Breast pump
  5. Cloths
  6. Welcome box
  7. Baby carrier

How can I afford a baby on a tight budget?

 It’s not that difficult to afford a baby on a tight budget. It’s good that you are planning to do it on a tight budget, it will accommodate you to understand your needs in a better way. Keeps you focused on your money goals also becoming you thriftier. One thing it will make you good at, planning your other child. Will be empowering you with more savings. 

Don’t spend much on maternity clothes

 People mostly spent a good quantity of money on having maternity clothes. But in the end, they are just pointless and money is well spent on it. Yes, if you could hire a garment-maker from a small shop. This can be helpful.

Obtaining the insurance 

 Insurance is the best option while you are pregnant. The maternity care option, the insurance provides its hectic free and less stress, to be honest. Make sure if you are planning to have a baby go through your insurance, especially the maternity insurance to secure that before the time. 

Avoid brands 

Avoid brands for a time, you can also go for sales items they are less expensive and obviously can assist you in keeping a tight budget. 


Estimate baby’s accessories before you get the payday. This assumption will help you to prepare a chart of what to have or not in the future. 

Keep a planner 

While keeping a track of all the budgets along with what are the things needed the most. How the specific amount of money will exceed this month. All those in planner would be a great idea 


 Milk formula is an expensive option, but if recommended by your doctor. Is fine. If it’s possible to breastfeed, make sure you do it. It will immensely create a beautiful bond between you and your child. 

Utilize the gifts and don’t bring more  

This is one thing that lacks our observation sometimes when we are at home. The objects that were given to us, we never utilize them because we hide them somewhere inside our houses. Bring them back to life and use it, those are the gifts given by most of the parents. 

Don’t compromise on health 

Whatever it takes, recommending a doctor first should be your topmost priority. Suggestions on how to save yourself from this trembling budget but health should be first 

Happy baby day…!


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