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Why Toys R Us Is Closing All Their Stores?

Toys “ur” Us to reinvent itself in the us in 2019, July 16 2019.

The chain is planning a smaller, more efficient return for Christmas of this year. E-commerce will be at the center of the new corporate strategy.

No ordinary american could believe it went it happen, a Christmas without there favorite toy’s store, that was at the end of 2018 and it seen it was over for the once mighty giant retailer.

Why Babies R Us Failed as a retail store?

the store everyone ad in mind when it come to go for a fun ride with the kids on the weekend, as finally meet is match with global players such as Amazon.com, target inc. And Walmart co. who offer cheaper and more attractive options such as quick home delivery, according to peoples familiar with the matter. Others, less conventional players have jump in the market, like grocery stores and Party City Holdco inc.

Once the doors close for good at more then 700 locations in the United States, including Babies R Us brand, the future of other giants like Asbro inc and Mattel inc was on everyone minds with a 7 billions in sales a year in the United States alone.

A new beginning for a company who didn’t have to die.

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A former executive of Toys R Us, Richard Barry, now the CEO of the new Corporation call Tru kids inc. Have decided to restart the operations on a smaller scale. Smaller stores, only about the third of previous one, No more 30,000-square feet surface of the original entity, said the spokeswomen at an industry conference back in march 2019.

Why Toys R us is closing?

Now, the new operations will focus more on consumers experiences, play areas and change corporate structure with a consignment inventory model where toys makers ship goods but only get paid when toys are sold, some of the people said.

Tru kids inc. Is not ready to unveil every details just yet, the spokeswomen said, new information on the Us strategy will be made public soon.

Little information was available, but MGA Entertainement inc., one of the top toymakers in the world, says is on board with the new reborn Us store, said Chief executive Officer Isaac Larian, who said is company was ready to cooperate with a new plan to support Tru Kids inc. with name like : little Tikes, L.O.L. Surprise ! Or Bratz dolls.

Why Toys r us went out of business?

Many industry experts agree on one thing, “the US market need a self-standing toys store” that’s for sure, says the spokeswomen to the journalist present that day, and we need to give a job back to the tens of thousand of workers who lost everything the day Toys “R” Us close is doors.

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