51 best baby shower ideas and themes

51 Best Baby Shower Themes & Gift Ideas With Images


What is a Baby Shower?

If there’s the best transition a human can witness in this world, it’s simply to see a woman becoming a mother, the Baby shower is a ceremony that celebrates this great transformation of a woman when she is expecting the birth of a baby. The term shower or showering is often assumed to mean that the soon to become a mother will be showered by gifts, all the blessings and positivity because she’s about to give birth to a human in this world. These rituals and celebrations of pregnancy and childbirth are from ancient times.

Also, This is a great opportunity for the family to invite people who are experts in how to raise a baby carefully in a very initial phase, such as how to carry a baby properly, how to feed them and such topics being discussed by the experts.

Though celebrating this ceremony is different in every corner of the world but the purpose remains the same, Traditionally baby shower is given distinctly for the family’s first child, and just ladies are invited, however this has changed in the recent years, And now even male can participate in this celebration because now there are games for couples to play and baby shower themes to experience.

The Best Ideas To Prepare A Baby Shower

Believe it or not, a baby shower can be whatever the mother-to-be and her friends find charming. However, It is a must thing to look at what is more comfortable for the mother and baby along with the budget. Face paint can be another great idea for a baby shower, check out some face paint ideas guide online!

Below are some of the best ideas to prepare an amazing Baby shower

best gifts idea for a baby shower male or female

Invite both male and female friends

Baby showers are mostly for women, but you can blend things up by welcoming daddy’s friends as well and with the right arrangements, a co-ed baby shower can be fun for both, Mommy’s and daddy’s friends.

The best thing you can do for mothers to be, Pamper them

Arrange an amazing and soothing massage for mothers to be as to relax them and also it is healthy for both mother and baby inside her womb.

A massage can include:  

  • Thirty-minutes of warm and nice rubbing with slow movements on head, shoulders and back with the use of oil as per the choice of a mother.
  • A manicure and Pedicure.
  • Facial.

Massage and care for the new mom in a baby shower

Paint it Out !!!

Another great idea that you can use preparing a baby shower is to invite friends and family and provide them canvases with watercolors, brushes and all the required tools for painting, And let the fun begin, Also announce your friends and family to mention their names on the painting, This will be the amazing activity for all and also it will become memorable for years to come.

A Video to show your child later

Now, this activity holds a great emotional value to make a video when the baby is in the mother’s womb, Hire a videographer and tell every person to say few lines which can make be effective and helpful for the baby in the future when he or she will see that video in the right time.  

Speeches for the mom to be

Who doesn’t love empowering words? 

On this very special ceremony for the mothers to be, it’s a great idea that friends and close ones can choose to express their love and care towards the mother by setting up a stage and preparing a speech which covers their connection and also the advice the friends, family and close ones wants to give to the mother to be.

Unique themes for a baby shower that nobody will forget

Some Best Themes To Prepare A Baby Shower

Setting up a theme for a baby shower can make it more exciting and engaging for all, Also it becomes more memorable, Below are some best themes that can be used to prepare an amazing baby shower.

Setting up a musical themed Baby Shower

As we all know, believes and experienced that music is a food for soul, So why not set up a musical theme for a baby shower by decorating your place with anything related to music also set up a stage and hire musicians to play your favourite music that makes you feel amazing and experience a beautiful evening along with your closed ones.

Go Green themed Baby Shower

What could be more beautiful to experience nature around you, Set up this Go-Green theme by setting up several different plants and flowers in your place and even hire an expert who can provide information about how we can use plants in our daily life routine.

Chocolate it up themed Baby Shower

Nothing can be more perfect than chocolate to celebrate this event and for that, Use chocolate to set up your baby shower theme by filling up a large number of balloons with the chocolate and set them somewhere up so you can blow up the balloon and shower your guests with chocolates.

Citrus Fun themed Baby Shower

From clothes to wear, Food to eat, Decorating walls and most importantly, the aroma of the place, All should represent the citrus theme strongly including fruits like Lemons, Grapefruits, Oranges, etc

Camping Themed Baby Shower

Take your baby shower outdoors as a Camping themed baby shower party at your favorite spot for camping and build DIY (do it yourself) camps, Plan a Barbecue and buy a good number of sky lanterns to fire it up for a beautiful mystical experience, Prepare group dances with your family and friends in the bonfire and take amazing pictures.

Balloons everywhere themed baby shower

Very simple yet very colorful and happy way to set Balloons everywhere as a theme to your baby shower, And the twist is, Every guest has to blow four balloons of different color and paste it up on their body till the end, without popping a single balloon, It can turn into a fun game also.

Gift ideas for 2019 in a baby shower

Best Games / Things To Do In A Baby Shower

Who’s That Baby?

This Baby shower game is an incredible icebreaker, which is overly useful if your baby shower will have guests who haven’t met previously.

Request that each participant brings a child photograph of themselves to the baby shower and put inside a big box, then take it out one by one and guess who’s child picture is taken out among all the guests.

Blind Folded Diaper Changing

Changing a baby’s diaper is a task which considered most difficult for some but turning this into a game can be great fun.

What you have to do is simply buy some baby dolls and a pack of diapers, Divide your guest in the team of two after instructing them that they have to fold a diaper on a doll in 2 minutes, let the fun begin. The team with the most numbers of folding diapers correctly, Wins the game.

Temporary Tattoo Making

Now this activity is all fun to do with your friends and family, Simply buy some good markers of different colors and divide them among your people, And let them draw a small piece of art on any part of your body related to the birth of your baby, take photographs of it and make it more memorable.

How big is the MOM

Another most fun game to play in the baby shower is to measure the belly of the mother to be but here comes the twist, To play this game you need scissors and yarn or string.

What mother have to do is to stand in front of everyone and tell people to cut the yarn or string that matches the size of the belly, or covers the belly to the closest, whoever comes the closest simply WINS the game.

Applying Henna

Henna is a non-toxic natural product made of henna leaves and can be applied on the skin Usually on hands or feet, and when dried can be taken off by washing it off or simply rubbing it. What you can do is buy some henna cones and paint beautiful designs on the mother’s hand or invite a henna artist to do the job.

Guess the traits

This is another most exciting activity to do in a baby shower with your guests, Give every person a colorful sticky note and tell everyone to guess the traits of baby whether girl or boy, Such as Guessing the color of eyes, More resemblance from Mother or Dad, Hair color etc, And stick the notes on the wall.

Design the T-shirt

You’ll require Plain T-shirts or baby suits for every visitor and Fabric markers or non-harmful fabric paints, Now every guest has to paint a t-shirt for the baby. When everybody is done, spread the t-shirts on a table and ask the mother to guess which guest painted each one

Best Gifts Idea For a Baby Shower

Giving gifts on the baby shower is the best way to be a part of Mother and Father’s happiness and it also holds an emotional value, Some gifts can be very useful for newborn babies and can be helpful in the initial years for a baby.

White Noise Sound Machine

As we all are aware that newborn babies make a lot of noise because they cry a lot sometimes, but do you know they need a noise for sleep too, and that noise is White Noise, White Noise Sound Machine is a unique machine that produces soothing sounds like rushing air and helps newborns from being woken up get a proper sleep, It can also work for adults too. You can buy this product online. 

Silicone Baby Teether

Silicone baby teether is an irresistible to newborn babies, Easy to grip, Provide the best satisfaction to babies as it is made of soft silicone. You can buy a pack of silicone baby teether as a gift for soon to be parents, Also it works effectively to soothe gums.

Baby Stroller

Baby stroller is a thing which is a need of every parent as you can’t carry your baby all the time, Giving a baby stroller as a gift in a baby shower is the best idea, There are a lot of baby strollers are available in the market with unique features.

The Bouncing Cradle

This Unique cradle offers five motion movements, similar to what we do when we carry a baby in our hands and trying to make them sleep. The best thing that this bouncing cradle comes with a set of soothing music which can be played along.

The Baby Monitor

Baby safety-related products like baby monitors are one of the best baby shower gift ideas you can get. They’ll give the mum and dad-to-be a peace of mind when they’re not near their baby. Get this LCD wireless Audio/Visual Baby Monitor that comes with a built-in infrared night vision to monitor the baby even in pitch-black darkness, You can buy this product online.

Baby’s First Year Photo Frame                          

Buying My First Year Photo Frame as a baby shower gift. Mummies can record moments of the child’s first year with photos and even include a hand impression! This is a great way for mummies to look back at memories and remember all the joy and fun chaos their child brought to their lives!

Polaroid Camera / Instant Camera

The Polaroid Camera or Instant Camera is a type of camera that uses self-developing film to create a chemically developed print shortly after taking the picture. This Camera can be the best gift for mother’s to be to capture the beautiful moments of their babies and get an instant print.

Baby shower invitations and cake ideas

We hope this article gives you an idea of how to prepare the best baby shower for mother’s to be, When there’s an exciting arrival on the way, there’s no better way to celebrate it with a special gathering of friends and family. From games to decor to food, these adorable baby shower ideas can make your day special and memorable along with everyone at the party.


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