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Our projects (Updated : 2019-07-29)

The most popular random name generator has open his official forums. We have open so many topics for all languages and all kind of questions about baby and other kind of things. If you want to check it out you should click on the forum link on the main screen or come visit this link for our forums. We will try to answer your question the fastest that we can, and maybe other parents will be able to answer too.

We added two major articles on Gentle Name Random Name Generator. Those pages are The most Unique boys name for 2019 and Why Toys R Us Failed as a retail store. Our team always looking to expand our database of names and articles, if you want to share your idea with us you should contact us either by email or with the contact form on our website. I personally working on the name meaning of all the names in our articles and name generator, it might takes a lot of time to complete it but you can check it out already! Thanks for being with us.

Our team have recently added a big article on our random name finder. It is tips and tricks for new parents that you need to know. It gives so many good information to prepare when you gonna be the guardians of the newborn. If you have any information that you want to add to this article, feel free to contact us directly. The link of the page is here, Most Popular Tips and Tricks for Parents.

Gentle Name Random Name Generator are currently working on an exotic names page. We know that you are always looking for specials, exotic or uncommon names. The page should be added soon enough.

We have started our new Youtube Channel for baby musics. There’s now a custom page on our website to watch all those lullaby and relaxing music. We add new musical videos every week, so make sure you are subscribe to the channel to see all the updates. Make sure to check it out here!

Gentle Name have created a new article on his website, the name is Top names of the week. It compile all the name available from Canada database merge with ours and we update it every week. You can watch it here.

Anything from boys names generator or girls names generator will be on this website, we will make sure that all the most relevant topics will be on Gentle Name generator and our website.

Our team is currently working on a new website for choosing name for pet, it will be our next pets name generator. We have many other projects on the go but this is probably one of the most engaging one. We are working too for having more page like the most popular names from TV or other kind of topics that you will probably like. In the next day, a page about Baby Names 2019 will be available for everybody.

Here’s a link to the page of the baby names from TV shows/movies.

We might put other topics like the most popular name like specials names or unique names. If you have some names ideas make sure to let us know. We had the idea to create an app with our platform, to make one of the best baby name generator app. A little Quiz for finding a name as been introduced by one of our team members.

A baby names boy or a baby names girl is probably one of the most exciting thing that you can choose for a new born baby. We have hired a new professional translator for putting the website in Hindi language, as far as we know, it is the most popular language in India. Me, Nicolas knows that many people from India or China are having a bad time finding special names for their child. Actually this is where our project about Gentle Name have start.

Gentle Name team is considering to have our first forums for the community

It is really exciting to be working on that project. Many of our costumers have ask to being able to talk with other parents about choosing a name for their baby or about the platform we offer with our baby names generator.

We knows that having the meaning of a name could be really great to you, this is one of the many project we have in mind. If you have any suggest or ideas we would love to hear them. All our names are from Canada currently, we might get some more databases names from other country. Choosing a baby names from the parents name could be a great idea too. This seems a really hard project to put on wheel but nothing is impossible, we will let you know how our projects goes on this page. Some Specialname will be added to our generator app. Our team is adding every week all the new names from Canada. This databases has been growing for so long actually.

Some of our costumers have ask to put a baby store on our website, since our design are so cute. I’m pretty sure that it could be an awesome way to be sure that GentleName.com get more popular over the web.

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