Reasons to let your kids choose their clothes

7 Reasons to Let Your Kids Choose Their Own Clothes

Why should you let your kids choose their own clothes ?

Till the age of 4 to 5, Kids are now open to a lot of new experiences with their parents.

The thought of giving freedom to your kids in choosing their own outfits concern you? They may pick random t-shirts or pants that is might inappropriate to wear or too old for them. However, with the right guidance, allowing your children to choose their own clothes can benefit you and them as well. In fact, recent studies have shown that the majority of parents who do this don’t regret their decision.

Buying clothes might be the least important thing for some kids when it comes to shopping for clothes, as they are only interested in buying toys or games.

However, it can be totally opposite with some kids, some children are very conscious and aware of what they want to wear.

As a parent, you have to identify your kid’s nature towards buying clothes, Such as do you have to develop the interest and tell them the importance of clothing?

Or you just have to give them the right directions?

Act accordingly after identifying your kid’s nature.

And if suddenly you notice that your child is more vocal about their wardrobe, Congratulations, it’s a sign that your child is growing up and started developing the sense of what to wear, however, there are some positive reasons to let your kids choose their own clothes.

make your child learn things in life


As a parents we have to understand that children are very sensitive and they need to express themselves in every way possible, they have started going to the primary school, watching TV shows and started to listen music, Now they must be following their favorite artists and all the artist have their specific fashion style, your kid wants to relate to every artist he or she likes and wants to look like them, letting them choose their own clothes will allow them to express themselves.

As we know how important is expressing ourselves in a right way is necessary and letting your kid choose their own clothes while shopping is the basic exercise of developing the sense of self-expression, As a parent we should not fear that our kid will choose something out of fashion and our parenting will be questioned, Just give an option to buy one dress for themselves in the start and look what your kid is choosing, by this you’ll realize the taste of your kid in clothing.

Builds Confidence in your child

Letting them choose their own clothes is empowering your children and a good foundation for building confidence in them.

Sometimes they are confused about how they end up looking if they choose a particular type of dressing, but letting them experiment and support them will build confidence in your child.

Your child’s friends might have the cool sneakers, in that situation your kid will definitely want a pair as well. But, be careful to choose a proper kid’s boutique clothing. Not all popular clothing shops provide high quality, and you shouldn’t encourage your kids to buy those, However, buying clothes made from high-quality fabrics which are comfortable and supposed to be long-lasting is always a good idea.

Building confidence in your child by letting them choose their own clothes while shopping is also a basic but the most effective exercise in building confidence in your children, because having confidence is necessary in a lot of areas of life in order to function and manage day to day routine where we have to respond to someone or to complete a specific task, same goes with kids, they need confidence to spend their school life well, Respond to the teachers in a good way and manage to do their home works without any fear.

Make your child learn to Balance the Budget

Start developing the feel in your children that as a parent, you trust your child with a shopping budget. It is very important to discuss your shopping budget with your child, this will develop a sense of responsibility in them that we have to set our limits while spending money because there are other necessary things in life which we pay for and every other thing should be in balance too.

What you can do to make this as a practice of learning the budget is, give them an amount in which they have to manage all their buying and then parents can see that how good they are at money management or if there’s any need to make them understand of smart buying.

The other way is, Set up a monthly pocket money and teach them about savings, let them make a plan in which tell them that you have to save from your pocket money for the different things you need, from daily expenses like buying snacks or saving for their favorite game to buy and shopping for clothes, set up a monthly amount as their pocket money and let them make a saving plan.

Getting your child in the exercise of keeping the eyes on budget and making saving plans in the initial years of life is the best thing you can do as a parent for them, Not only it will be beneficial for them, it will also be beneficial for the others such your child’s friends.

Sense of responsibility in the child

It becomes easier and comfortable for your child

Most of the time, it’s just much easier to allow your children to wear what they want and what they like.

It’s really not worth it to be bothered about convincing your child to wear a formal dress for a simple family dinner or a usual get-to-gather, and forcing on them your choice can ruin their mood too. when your child truly wants to put on a t-shirt and jeans? There’s no point in creating unwanted hassle.

 Plus, children will certainly feel comfortable in their choice or you never know they might end up discovering by themselves that it would have been good if they would have been wearing a formal dress, so let them go with the flow.

Builds Sense of Responsibility in your child

Building a sense of responsibility in your child is again connected to the trait of building confidence and they’ll learn smart money spending, this is the sense of responsibility.

As a parent, you need to wait till you feel that now your kid is capable to managing their own shopping, Then you can even allow your kid to go to the malls by themselves, There’s no doubt that going to a mall for a kid is all fun along with shopping but if you have developed the sense of responsibility, then your kid knows how much money to spend buying clothes and with how much I can have fun with. It can happen that they might end up in trouble managing the given budget and they end up getting attract with all the fun in the mall and spend almost all the money their only, This situation will make you realize that you need to talk to them again and make them understand the beauty of keeping things managed.

How to raise a kid in 2019 with responsibility

Teaching your kids that how we dress and present ourselves is important in the world we live in

Every parent wants their children to grow up to be responsible citizens and good people so they can add value in the society in a good way by presenting themselves.

It is very important to make your kids realize that how we should dress and present ourselves in the world we live in, in order to maintain a good and healthy society, starting from making them learn how to wear your school shirt and pant and how to tie up your shoelaces, the major thing which is necessary to develop in your children is the sense of cleanliness, cleanliness is priority which should be present in what you are about to wear and it is also very important to keep it clean all the way.

Making your kid learn how to dress plays a significant role in the natural process of becoming a good person for themselves and also the people around them, make them learn that there’s a dress for different occasions and also a style to wear a particular dress, such as teach them about different events and ceremonies like what to wear in a wedding ceremony, or in a friend’s party, in a high tea or a casual meet up with friends.

Teaching your child the importance of wearing clothes nicely, clean and according to the event is another very effective exercise of developing the sense of caring for themselves on their own, and how to manage different situations in life.

They will wear what they choose

When it comes to the children, they too have a need to fit in and wear what other children are wearing. They follow trends that run within their age circle better than you as an adult can. So, if you buy them clothes in your own taste without consulting them, those clothes might just end up in the wardrobe deep inside and never worn. On the other hand, if you let them choose clothes for themselves, you have a guarantee they will wear them, at least for some time.

Make sure the clothes will be warm and fit for the child according to the seasons

This is important to buy the perfect size of clothing for your children, and should be according to the season. Always look at what he chooses if you are in a cold country.

Warm clothes for your child and teenager


These are a lot of positive things you’ll benefit from if you let your kids wear what they want. This is clearly a good decision to make. However, every now and then, you will have to get involved because you certainly don’t want your children to look silly and be a laughing stock. You can still give them freedom but with the proper guidance. Ultimately, you as the parent should make sure that your children are dressed well.

Remember that buying clothes is just another adult’s everyday activity that your kids have to conquer on the way to their adulthood. Shopping for clothes can be a fun way for them to learn the basics of money spending and help them grow into responsible, independent adults.

We hope this article gives an idea of how day to day activities can make an impact on your child while raising them, Such as teaching them the importance of dressing yourself in a right way and letting them choose their own clothes can be beneficial in the long term for a children, as these exercises in the very initial years of a child is same as putting the bricks in the right direction in order to build an amazing building.

Date: 2019-10-14


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