Pourquoi les Bébés sont Mignon?

Why Babies Are Cute

Have you ever wondered why we find babies so cute?

The unbeatable charm of an infant is linked to our hormones according to an English study.

Many people just melt to see the little ones of their friend or their families. This correlation between babies and parental instinct has long been established according to some studies.

According to science, babies are irresistible even in the animal kingdom.

The sounds and smells produced by newborn babies have a stimulating effect on our brain so that our protective instinct is triggered.

The relationship between parents and child is fundamental to the well-being of both and thus to the survival and development of the baby.

Some researchers link the fact that the charm of babies is important for positive interactions with parents and those around them.

The charm of babies would decrease with the age of the little one, when the face changes over time. Larger eyes as well as the growing nose and all facial features.

Many people find that their charm decreases from the age of 4 or 5 years old, it is often at this age that children receive less attention from other adults.

Is this attraction to babies practically the same for baby animals, who never wanted to cuddle a baby kitten or puppy?

Experts are unanimous that this attraction is indeed important for the survival and well-being of the little ones.

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