How To Pick the Perfect Place Cards for Your Event?

Table settings can seem a little daunting when you’re planning your wedding, graduation party, baby shower or other celebration. Avoid this by using online resources to help you in the process of picking the perfect place cards for your event. By choosing a theme prior to beginning, you’ll have an easier time acquiring the right look. Here are the tips to pick the perfect place cards for the event.

What is a Place Card?

Placement cards are specially designed cards set on each attendee’s table so that people know exactly where to sit. Traditionally, place cards have been utilized at weddings to help ensure that the correct number of guests sit at the correct tables. However, they can be used in other situations as well.

Why are Place Cards important?

Place cards are important because they help ensure that the right number of guests arrive at the wedding. These cards can also be used to indicate where to seat guests who do not have a seat, such as relatives and out of town guests. Place cards are also very helpful in indicating where the bride and groom will sit when they arrive at the reception for pictures.

They help eliminate confusion

The use of place cards is helpful to ensure that guests know where to go when arriving at the event. As people arrive, they can easily see their place card and not get confused about where to sit. Whether it’s a wedding or some other type of party, guests will feel much more comfortable sitting in the right seat when they need to look at a table number rather than a name.

They make the function seem more personalized

The use of place cards is a wonderful way to make a person feel special even when they are not the focus of the event. When guests see their name in lights, they will feel more welcome and comfortable knowing that there was enough time taken to acknowledge them with a personally selected place card.

They can be used for anything

A name card is useful for almost any sort of gathering. Because the place cards can be customized to the event theme, it’s helpful for virtually any purpose. They can as well work in a wedding. You just have to choose a place card theme similar to the engagement invitations theme.

How do you pick the right place cards?

Online resources are essential for helping you in finding the perfect place cards for your event.

Choose a Theme

Don’t be afraid to use a theme for the card. This will give you a starting guide for choosing what kind of place cards to use, and overall, it will make your theme more cohesive. You can have the cards in different colors, making them very easy to manipulate. You can also choose alternative backgrounds to go beyond one color.

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Use The Internet

Using online resources is beneficial when choosing place cards for your event, whether you’re having them delivered or printed at home on your printer. A wedding website can help you by giving you some examples of how others have chosen to use place cards at their events. This may be a great starting point for your own creation.

Choose a Style

After choosing a theme, consider the style of event you’ll be having. A gala may have place cards that are formal and yet elegant, whereas a child’s birthday party may require something more whimsical. Consider what you need for your guests and go from there.

Think About Your Budget

One thing to think about when choosing place cards is your budget. If you’re going to get them printed professionally, you will have to factor in the cost of invitations as well as decorations. You may want to keep this in mind as you choose a style for your place cards.

Consider What Materials You’ll Need

Another problem with choosing place cards is the materials. Manilla, wood or plastic can all be used depending upon your event. You’ll need to decide if you want them personalized and printed, or if you will be writing in the names yourself. This may also help you in terms of your budget.

Planning your event is fun, but can be time-consuming. By choosing a theme and style for your event in advance, you’ll have a better idea of what you need. Consider the materials you’ll need, and choose some online examples to help you out as well. The options are limitless when it comes to place cards for special events.