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Baby on Board: What to know about getting a Car Accident Settlement

Getting a car accident settlement for a child that is involved in an accident with you is possible, and it will require a little clear thinking on your part. When you are in a car accident, you are often so overwhelmed by all the problems it causes that you may not think about the legal aspects of it right away.

But you need to think about the legalese as early in the process as possible if you or one of your children is involved in a car accident. It is estimated that over 290 thousand teenagers alone were treated for car accident-related matters in 2016 in emergency rooms across the nation.

Over 100 thousand children under the age of 12 were treated in emergency rooms after car accidents. It is possible to get a car accident settlement for a child in these scenarios. Especially if you have the right support for the process.


Find out everything you need to know to keep your legal wits about you and win after a car accident in California.

Car Accident Settlement for a Child

If you are involved in a car accident that includes a child, treat the situation like any other car accident. All documentation should begin as early in the process as possible.

Most car insurance claims will cover the medical costs of the children involved, but most times liability becomes a factor. Know the steps to take after a car accident and never admit liability until you discuss the problem with a professional is not at your insurance company.

Insurance companies will be most interested in saving themselves money.

Collect data on the incident as early in the process as you can. The more support you have as early in the process as possible, the better your chance for the best settlement for you and your family.

This car accident could cause you problems down the road for as long as a year from now or more. This could be true even with what may appear to be a minor fender bender.

Document everything and get support as early in the process as you can. With car accidents, the best support that you can get early is a lawyer.

An excellent personal injury lawyer will represent you from the second your car accident occurs until the matter is legally resolved. You may know what your rights are. However, if your child has been injured in an accident, you probably are not thinking clearly at first.

Children and Car Accidents

There is no one size fits all law for covering children in a car accident settlement for a child. The main facts of the accident will be the facts that determine the party liable for the costs. However, you may never determine this right away.

You do not have to make the big decisions alone during this overwhelming time. This is probably the first time this has ever happened to you or a child you know. But for personal injury lawyers, it is not.

Children involved in car accidents bring the “best interests” variable into every legal claim made because of the car accident.

Medical costs are typically covered by insurance companies, but you never know who covers what after the fact. Before you say anything to an insurance company, talk to a personal injury lawyer that understands how the facts pertaining to a car accident settlement for a child will work for you in your case.

Your attorney can even handle your communication with the insurance company early on so you do not have to. They will also help you understand what matters related to children you will need to stay on top of, from medical records and beyond.

Are Johnny’s soccer days over now? Is Suzy going to miss the big audition now?

You do not know the answers to those questions now and do not want to think about it. What is the best thing you can do when a car accident settlement for a child is being discussed? Hire support as early in the process as possible.

Understand the Statute

Uncertainty about the future is a leading cause of stress that can affect any major decision after a car accident. A personal injury lawyer can help you through this difficult process.

Most personal injury statutes have a two-year limitation, meaning you have as long as two years to file claims from a car accident. That is because you do not know today if Billy’s soccer dreams of tomorrow are crushed.

And that dream has a dollar value in the legal arena. Insurance companies know this.

Sometimes, even if a child has lingering fear after an accident, you can see that reflected in a dollar value for a car accident settlement for a child.

Do not carry all of this uncertainty on your head today. Fuel those emotions into love and focus on your family’s health and wellness.

Let an expert handle the rest.

Hire Expert Support

Nobody leaves their home or office on any day, expecting to drive into a car accident minutes later. But it happens every day in America, leaving over 2 million Americans injured or disabled.

With every accident comes the overwhelming stress of having experienced a car accident at all. That stress has a value, as does every other cost you incur because of this potentially life-changing experience.

We all know that one child story of how “I used to be a dancer but had to stop in grade 6 because of a car accident.” That or the one how Olympic-sized soccer dreams ended because of a car accident.

You do not know what tomorrow brings. When you are looking for a car accident settlement for a child, get professional support as early in the process as you can.

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