Features you can expect in a baby crib

There are a lot of styles and options available in the market when it comes to buying a crib for your baby. Choosing the perfect crib may be challenging for parents, especially first-time parents. It’s essential to consider many factors before selecting a crib for your child.

You can easily buy one of the top baby cribs below $1000, but first, it’s essential to know what features you should get at that price.

There are several features you would expect in a crib, and as a rational consumer, contemplating the features of baby cribs will help you make the best decision.

Here are some of the features you can expect in a baby crib costing under $1000.

  • Materials and finish

While the materials and the finish do not play a significant role in the functionality, they are essential for the overall aesthetics of the nursery. Earlier, the cribs were made only from hardwood, but now they can be made from any wood.

Some of the popular types of woods that are used for cribs are ash, mahogany, maple, and oak.

  • Height adjustable

Often, many new parents struggle with putting down their kids to sleep as the crib is usually of a lower height. So, you would have to bend down further to put the baby into the crib.

On the other hand, if you buy a crib that’s height-adjustable, then it would be much easier for you to lay down your baby. You can set it at the right height to make it easy for you to lay your baby down and then adjust it again once your child is safely in place.

  • Easy to assemble

Well, you might be able to purchase a crib off of the internet with a single click, but assembling often requires a lot more effort. So, before making the purchase decision take a look at the assembly instruction, and if it seems complex to you, consider buying another one that is easier to assemble.

On the other hand, many retailers may offer installation services, but you must consider the prices of the services.

  • Movability

You might need to move the crib around to clean underneath it or move it to retrieve some toys from underneath.

So, many cribs have wheels under their frame, allowing easy movement. However, most of the cribs might not come with wheels making it difficult for you to maneuver the crib around.

In that case, you can buy furniture castor wheels from the market and attach them to the crib yourself.

  • Other add-ons

Once the baby is four to six months old, they start interacting with their surroundings. The top baby cribs below $1000 always have other safety and comfort add-ons that can make it safer and more comfortable for your little one.

For instance, you can add a teething rail once they start to stand on the crib, as they might try to sink their teeth into the rail to control their teething. You can also choose different add ons that the retailer has in their store.

So, these are the common features that you can expect to see in an affordable baby crib.