Enhancing 5 Practical Life Skills in Kids Through Escape Room Games

Escape rooms seem to have enamored people of all ages and from all places. From the day it was introduced to the world back in the year 2007 to this date, these games have developed and enriched themselves to stay relevant and trendy with changing times. For modern players, the games have incorporated the use of advanced technologies like AR and VR to make the experience come alive more realistically than ever! 

But to add to this excitement, escape rooms also offer a lot of educational and developmental value to players, especially to kids. Brands like Hourglass Escapes designing their experiences in such a way that by the end of the game, players get to walk out with some real-life practical lessons incorporated into their mindset without even noticing. 

This article will take a detailed look at how escape rooms can help your child nurture 5 essential life skills uniquely and creatively. Let’s dig in! 

  • Boost the creativity of your child in no time!

The escape room games create an arena wherein your kid needs to think out-of-the-box, to come up with a unique solution for a given tricky riddle or puzzle. It pushes them to utilize their brains and harness their creative faculties. To win the escape room game, your kid needs to possess a different way of seeing and analyzing things around them. So, saying goodbye to conventional solutions and making the most of your creativity is what an escape game relies on. 

Kids these days are all the more addicted to smartphones and other kinds of gadgets. It has made them fall short of their creative thinking abilities and thus shunned their growth. All that they like doing is playing mobile games or video games. So, when you push your kid to play an escape game that has no room for mobile phones, your kid’s creativity skills are considerably boosted! 

  • Boost the problem-solving abilities of your child!

The escape games offer your kid an immersive space to work on their problem-solving abilities. It is a necessary skill for all of us to possess in moving on with our lives. Once inside the escape room, your kid would be made to think critically to assess the problem before them and find a fruitful solution to it. 

Problem-solving abilities are a vital aspect of advanced mental growth, which your kid can nurture by playing an escape room game. Each of the unique puzzles in the game would require your kid to think differently to solve the tricky challenge! So, playing escape games can help you immensely in boosting the problem-solving abilities of your child! 

  • Increase the team working mindset of your child effectively.

Team working capacity is a vital factor when it comes to playing an escape room game. It is only those teams that can make their team members work together as a single unit that can emerge victorious at the end of the game! It calls for players to communicate well with each other throughout the game. Alongside vocalizing your discoveries with the rest of your team, it is also vital that you listen to what your team members have to say. 

Now, when your kid learns to work with and as a team, they can also work well with their groups in a school activity. Working with a team requires you to pay enough attention to the opinions of each of your team members. This is something that the escape room games allow your kid to harness. Being compatible in working with people of diverse nature also calls for patience on the part of each team member. The escape room games are probably one of the most exciting and unique activities for your kid to learn time working capabilities essentially. 

  • Develop your child’s keenness for detail and precision.

Noting the intricate details of things around you is something that becomes crucial for escape room games. Your clues can be hidden anywhere inside the game room, so you can leave no stone unturned! Missing out on noticing the clues that are hidden in the room can make you lose much of your time. So, you better pay attention to every little detail here. 

When your kid plays such a game that requires them to pay attention to every little part, they can develop a sharp eye for noticing little details that often go unnoticed! Possessing such a keenness for details and precision also helps them to develop a sharp thinking ability. It can then help them face many real-life scenarios much more easily than earlier! 

  • Increase the time management ability of your child

Time management is an essential skill for thriving in the personal and professional arenas of your life. Dividing the time inside the game room judiciously such that you have sufficient time to spend on every riddle is essential. But, at the same time, it is also important that players do not end up spending far too much time solving one riddle. 

Players organize and plan out their time inside the escape room such that they have sufficient time for solving every little riddle or puzzle in the game. In case they cannot solve a certain riddle, it is always better to keep it aside for the moment and move on to the next, instead of sticking with it for long. 

Playing an escape game will thus help your child effectively plan, organize and manage time as per his or her needs in life. Your kid would understand the value of time and remember that they do not end up wasting it as they play an escape room game! 

Considering you read the article here, check out a few bonus life skills that we have lined up only for you:

Bonus #1: The escape room games boost up the memory of your child

Players must remember each of the clues that they have found. To successfully plan an escape from the room, players need to recollect and connect all the fragmented clues sequentially together. Therefore, the power of memory is a highly critical aspect of playing an escape room game.

As you let your child play such a game, they will have to work their brains hard enough to remember and connect the clues in the end. Hence, playing in an escape room shall help in boosting the memory of your child. 

Bonus #2: Improve the concentration powers of your kid!

The ability to maintain our focus and attention on any one particular aspect or thing often becomes so much more challenging for us. When it comes to kids, the ability to retain their concentration on a single thing becomes all the tougher to harness. But not anymore! 

Playing escape room games can help your kid to work on their concentration levels and consequently improve them over time. Escape rooms require players to focus largely on paying their full concentration on the riddle at hand and try in ways more than one to solve it in time. Focusing and concentrating on the task at hand becomes a key factor when it comes to escape games. Thus, for parents who think their kids lack the proper levels of concentration in them, make sure to take your kids to an escape room game! 

Escape rooms have evolved since time immemorial to come up with more unique and immersive themes, set designs, and props. From Sherlock-themed escape rooms to horror-themed ones, every player finds an endless number of thematic choices to choose from. 

So, instead of taking your kid to play games at an arcade, take them to an escape room venue. Let them have the times of their lives, running across the room and enjoying, while unknowingly they also end up learning so many vital life skills!